International Schools in Taiwan(各國際學校相關資訊)

    Currently there are 22 international schools in Taiwan. A “true” international school as defined by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education requires that the student holds a foreign passport. Note this definition is different from a school that offers an international curriculum and does not require a foreign passport. There are a few schools in Taiwan that fall into this category, which we will cover in Part II of this article. 

  There are a variety of International schools in Taiwan, American vs Japanese, religious vs secular, and a European school in between. Of the 22 international schools, there are 2 Korean schools, 3 Japanese, 1 European and the rest, American. The Taipei European School is unique in the sense that it is one school with two campuses (lower school upper school) housing three independent schools—The British, French and German section, with each of the sections running its national curriculum respectively. Geographically, there are 8 schools in Taipei, 1 School in New Taipei City, 2 Schools in Hsinchu, 2 in Hsinchu County, 1 in Taoyuan, 3 in Taichung, and 5 in Kaohsiung.