Science 科學

Science can be very challenging subject but at TeachME, whether your goal is preparing for a test, raising your grades, or improving your understanding, TeachME can help you reach it. 
TeachME offers support in these subjects:
  • Middle School Science
  • Earth Science and Natural Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • IB/AP Science
TeachME has a tutor for every area and level of the sciences, from the basic principles of the scientific method to the highest level AP and IB courses.
TeachME focuses on the core concepts and develop your comprehension from the ground up.


  • 國小、國中及高中科學
  • 地球科學及自然科學
  • 生物學
  • 化學
  • 物理學
  • 先修科學

  •  Conceptual Physics

  • IGCSE Physics 

  • Honors Physics

  • AP Physics I, II


  • SAT Physics

  • Physics AB, BC


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