Standardized Test Preparation 標準考試準備

TeachME's tutors are ready to support your long-term goals by preparing you for the two most common American standardized tests, the SAT and the ACT. While the SAT has been more favored in the past, the two tests are now seen as equivalent. Individual colleges or universities may still prefer one over the other.



The Tutoring Expert 


Looking to improve your test scores or prepare for entrance examinations for your dream school? 

Check out our video and see what our Test Prep program entails!

1-on-1 Tutoring

Our experienced tutors are experts on all 

sections and subjects concerning the tests. Because our lessons are one-on-one, you will be working with one tutor to fulfill your needs.

Customized Prep

Our test prep curriculum covers both the American and UK systems of testing, and is structured on working through official questions that closely model the real tests.

All Test Levels

Whether you are taking the ISEE and SSAT for admission to middle and high schools, or SAT for college admissions, we are invested in your personal growth and ambitions. 

Good Grades

"Before coming to TeachME I was overwhelmed with the prospect of preparing for my SAT and ACT tests and getting the perfect scores. However, at TeachME, my tutor helped me to create a schedule for test day so that I would stay focused and know how, and when, to approach any given section. This helped to reduce any stress and made me believe in my own abilities" 

Michelle W., TeachME Test Prep Tutoring Student, Grade 10