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IGCSE, AP, IB C.S. Test Prep

This class will focus on the content that is relevant to the IGCSE, AP, and IB Computer Science tests. This includes boolean algebra, digital logic, OOP / Procedural Programming, Algorithm Analysis, Data Structure, and Computer Ethics and Security

Who is it for?

  • Are you 14-18 years old?

  • Are you taking, or plan to take, a standarized C.S. test?

  • Do you have any prior programming experience? 

For C.S. tests, TeachME is the place to be.


TeachME tutors can help with IGCSE Computer Science prep, this includes both the theory portion and practical programming portions. We also offer many classes which are good pre-IGCSE classes.


The AP Computer Science test is designed to allow high performing Computer Science students to get college credit. The AP test covers a wide variety of Computer Science topics, and its' main language is Java.


The I.B. Computer Science test is one of the hardest C.S. tests available outside of a college class. It requires both high level programming and theory skills. It is mostly language agnostic though, so do not worry about knowing a specific language. 

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