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Bloxels® is an innovative video game development platform that allows you to create your own video games. With easy-to-use physical and digital tools, the imaginative gaming worlds of young gamers come to life in a cool retro arcade style.

Who is it for?

  • Are you 9-13 years old?

  • Do you have an interest in game design, or game development?

  • Do you want to learn animation, or game art design?

Build your own game, and share it with everyone! 


Using the Bloxels gameboard, you can design any sprites or maps you can imagine, then you can add them to your game using a simple-to-use mobile app. Each game can have 169 13X13 rooms, so you can create nearly anything you can imagine!


By using the Bloxels Builder App, you can design sprites and animate them anyway you want. At TeachME you can learn how to design great sprites, and then learn how to animate these sprites to make an amazing looking game.

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