History 歷史

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TeachME believes students should be led to understand history not just as the study of past events but as the study of how we got here. TeachME offers instruction in history from any time period and part of the world up to a high school level, and TeachME's courses include analytical skills that are important for college preparation. Students learn to do original research, find and evaluate sources, and synthesize conclusions.


TeachME covers:

  • European History

  • World History

  • Greek History

  • American History

  • Asian History

  • Social Studies



  • 歐洲歷史
  • 世界歷史
  • 希臘歷史
  • 美國歷史
  • 亞洲歷史
  • 社會學

Image by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral