International School Entrance Examinations 國際學校入學

Before a student can be admitted to Taipei's top-level international schools such as TAS or TES, they may need to demonstrate their competency in English with an exam score. Our tutors are highly experienced with the tests used to prove this ability, and can help your student achieve the best scores they can. Early preparation is crucial to helping students prepare for these entrance exams!

  • Interview questions prep

  • Application essay writing

  • Test strategies and tips

  • Different international schools have different standards and entrance examinations. Based on the school, TeachME coordinates our teaching content to these specific requirements.  Our Test Prep program, is designed for students applying to the international schools in Taiwan, especially TAS and TES. We also offer consulting and application help for other schools, including international boarding school prep.
  • When preparing a prospective applicants for their entrance exam, TeachME mainly focuses on improving the student's English, Math, and cognitive abilities.
    • This includes their speaking, reading comprehension and writing language skills as well as test strategies and interview performances. At TeachME, our tutors focus on both the structure and content of the tests to prepare our student's for test day.

Test Prep

Application Prep