ScratchJr & Scratch

ScratchJr/Scratch are both graphical programming languages which means students can
drag-and-drop code ‘blocks’ instead of having to manually type things.



Who is it for?

  • Are you 5-11 years old?

  • Do you have an interest in learning how to code?

  • Do you want to make your own computer games?

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations.


Students will use a graphical interface to learn important programming concepts. Students as young as 5 can take Scratch with TeachME using a special ScratchJr program designed for very young learners. Both ScratchJr and Scratch are made by the MIT and are graphical programming languages. Students will learn variables, conditionals, looping, and depending on the age of the student, functions.

Game Design

TeachME teaches Scratchjr / Scratch as a game design course as a way to encourage students' interest in the material, and to keep them motivated to work independently. We focus on teaching how sprites work, object collision, bounding boxes, and we teach the coordinate system. All of these are fundamental skills a game developer must develop. These skills also carry over to other fields your child may study one day.

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