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Taipei European School 台北歐洲學校

關於台北歐洲學校 Taipei European School



成績單前三年成績(英文版,幼稚園不需要){TM}推薦信(7~9年級可請在校老師推薦,沒有制式格式,不強制){TM}考試費用為台幣5000元{TM}TES Admissions FAQ:{TM}{TM}Q:Where can I get the application form and where should I send it to?{TM}A:You can download here of this website, then email it to:; fax it to (02) 2832-5058 (from overseas, to +886-2-2832- 5058); or post it to: Taipei European School, 99 FuGuo Road, ShiLin, Taipei 11158, Taiwan, R.O.C.{TM}{TM}Q:When can I submit my child’s application form? When is the deadline?{TM}A:As we accept applications throughout the year, there is no deadline for submission. However, please remember that classes are often full before the new school year begins, so it is better to submit the form and supporting documents as soon as possible (see the list on the application form).{TM}{TM}Q:What is the next step? When can my child have an interview / assessment test after I have submitted the application form?{TM}A:We will acknowledge receipt of your application within three days of receiving it, and let you know if the applicant is to be invited for interview and/or an assessment test. Assessments for applicants from within Taiwan are held twice a year, usually in December or January and in April. Please note that we charge a fee of NT$ 5,000 for each assessment test. Please also note that 'trial sessions' for the British Nursery take place all year, as children can start on their 3rd birthday. Arrangements for a 'trial session' still need to be made through the Admissions Department, and are charged at the same rate.{TM}{TM}Q:Can I reserve a place for my child before I submit the application form?{TM}A:This is not possible as each application is treated on its individual merits.{TM}{TM}Q:Will my child have another chance for interview / assessment if he/she fails? How do I re-apply?{TM}A:Yes, you will. If you wish to reapply, you need to pay a NT$ 2,000 reapplication fee, and will be invited for another assessment test after a minimum period of six months.{TM}{TM}Q:Do you accept all nationalities? Are applications prioritised?{TM}A:We accept applications from any nationals (subject to government regulations) as long as the applicant holds a foreign passport. Applications may be prioritised according to such factors as nationality or language proficiency. Please see our Admissions Policy.{TM}{TM}Q:Can my child skip or retake a year / grade?{TM}A:Although we generally try to keep students in the standard year group for their age, in certain circumstances they can retake a year / grade. It is very unlikely we will allow a year / grade to be skipped.{TM}{TM}Q:Do you have EAL support before enrolment?{TM}A:We do not usually offer EAL classes before enrollment. However, it is possible for new students to join our summer school programme, which takes place several weeks before the new school year.{TM}{TM}Q:Will my child have a place in school if I donate money?{TM}A:No. Contributions to the running of the school have no bearing on the applications process.{TM}{TM}Q:Do you provide boarding?{TM}A:No, we don’t. If a child’s parents are not living in Taipei, they will need to find a suitable guardian.{TM}{TM}Q:Does my child need to wear uniform?{TM}A:Students in the British Section, up to Year 9, have to wear uniform. More information can be found here.{TM}{TM}Q:Do you offer any bus services?{TM}A:We offer bus services to most of TES’ families, depending on location. Once a student has been accepted, we will contact you to discuss arrangements. More information can be found Please note that routes are subject to revision at regular intervals.{TM}{TM}Q:Do you provide school lunches?{TM}A:All students except those in the British nursery classes can have cafeteria lunches. There is a daily choice of western or eastern food, which is ordered monthly in advance. Cafeteria lunches are compulsory in the French Infant Section. More information can be found here:{TM}{TM}For more information, see the links below:{TM}TES Admissions Policy: {TM} TES Application Forms:

99 FuGuo Road, ShiLin District, Taipei 11158 (11158石林區富國路99號台北)
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