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Teens 青少年

Our classes for teenagers build on and expand the skills from our lower-level classes. Teenagers will need more advanced skills and better vocabulary, to match the bigger and better things that they do in their lives. Since all our classes are tailored to the student’s individual level, a teenager can start class at whatever level of English they currently have. Teenage English classes give growing minds the tools to express themselves in English and often have a greater focus on academic English skills like reading and writing.

When students reach high school or upper school, the types of English they need to use will change. Because all our classes are personalized to the student, each student’s class will move at exactly the right pace for that student. Academic English subjects for high school can include short stories, novels, plays, poetry, and rhetoric (speeches). Students will practice narrative, analytical, argumentative, and expository writing.

Students at this level may be preparing for an English-language exam to certify their proficiency with the language or to use while seeking admission to a college or university in an English-speaking country. For more information about college test prep, click here.

We can help your teenager with:

  • Conversational English

  • Grammar Skill and Vocabulary 

  • Reading Comprehension and Analysis

  • Academic Writing

  • College Test Preparation





  • 英語對話

  • 文法技巧及字彙

  • 閱讀理解及分析能力

  • 學術類文章寫作

  • 大學入學測驗

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