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Taoyuan American School

關於桃園美國學校 Taoyuan American School



About Taoyuan America School:

Taoyuan American School strives to be a model international school offering a broad and challenging American-based education to students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our Mission is to help our students become diligent, resilient, and adaptable, and to equip them with the skills to further their education and obtain personal fulfillment. We wish for them to become independent, socially responsible individuals capable of thriving in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. We provide an integrated curriculum that utilizes cutting-edge technology within a caring and respectful learning community to ensure high academic achievement and personal growth.

At TAS we prepare our students in such a way that they may choose their path and be prepared to lead lives of profound intellectual, creative, and social consequence. We are a bridge. Our students begin here, their minds open and eager, their goals and aspirations for the future setting their course. It is our duty as educators and guides to cultivate within them the intellectual and emotional fortitude to take on the challenges ahead. Our community bridges the traditions of the West with the spirit of the East. Our American-based educational program is augmented by a deep respect for learning, development, and achievement. Through our academic program, the rigor and discipline that we instill in our students, we have also become a bridge to the best American colleges and universities, and indeed colleges around the world. For many students we are a bridge to a more thoughtful and articulated future. Bridging the development of students into engaged citizens and human beings is a rich and rewarding aspect of the Taoyuan American School experience.


1. 外國護照彩色影本

2. 入學申請表

3. 目前及前兩年的成績單

4. 學生及家長的國外護照影本

5. 照片兩張(護照規格)

How to Apply:

1. Color photocopy of foreign passport.

2. Admission Application Form.

3. Transcripts of current and previous two years.

4. Photocopies of foreign passports of students and parents.

5. Two photos (passport size).

No. 1, Kainan Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City, 338 (338桃園市蘆竹區凱南路1號)
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