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Morrison Academy Chiayi

關於嘉義馬禮遜學校 Morrison Academy Chiayi


嘉義馬禮遜分校的學校環境活潑溫馨,採取的混齡式教學讓孩子能夠觀察並學習、包容不同年齡的朋友,教師也指出混齡班級的學生表現跟單齡的班級一樣好,並讓教學更有彈性,學生能發展獨立作業的技能,核心課程共有 : 聖經、文學、數學、自然科學和社會,校方每周會從台中校區派一位老師前往嘉義校區教導寫作、媒體、研究技巧與數位科技。

About Morrison Academy Chiayi

The Chiayi Satellite School is part of the Morrison Academy school system. This small school comes under the supervision of the larger Taichung campus. Morrison Academy Chiayi (MACY) exists to meet the educational needs of missionary children living in the area. MACY seeks to give every student a quality, biblically-integrated education, so that each one will be equipped to impact the world dynamically for Christ.

Multi-grade classrooms are found throughout the Western education system. Scholarly studies have shown that multi-grade students perform as well academically as single-grade classroom students. Teachers of multi-grade classrooms list flexibility, re-teaching, and pre-teaching opportunities, positive role modeling, independent work skill development, and lower disciplinary interventions as benefits of the multi-grade room.

Students at Morrison are given the opportunity to learn and experience a rigorous and challenging curriculum that prepares them for an ever-changing world. Morrison seeks to provide a positive learning environment for each student by focusing on both group learning and individual development. Students will obtain the knowledge and skills to be effective communicators and critical and creative thinkers. To learn more about Morrison, please visit the school website.


1. 外國護照彩色影本

2. 成績單英文版

3. 推薦信(可請在校老師推薦,沒有制式格式,不強制)

4. 父母台灣護照影本

5. 學生台灣護照影本



How to Apply:

1. Color photocopy of foreign passport.

2. Transcript in English.

3. Letter of recommendation (you can ask the school teacher to recommend, there is no standard format, not mandatory).

4. Parents’ Taiwan passport photocopy.

5. A photocopy of the student’s Taiwan passport.

*Parents who hold Hong Kong/Macau passports and have legal work status in Taiwan may be eligible.

*Kindergarten students must be 5 years old before September 1.

Introduction to the Morrison Academy system.
No.31, Sec. 2, Jianguo Rd., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County 62153
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