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Hsinchu International School

關於新竹荷蘭國際學校 Hsinchu International School




About HIS:

At its inception in 1981, HIS was set up as a company school for Philips Electronics, the well-known Dutch consumer electronics giant. This is where the Holland affiliation comes from. Philips originally had a Dutch company school but with increasing numbers of multinational families in their employ in Taiwan, in 1981 they requested Mr. and Mrs. Lines to set up and operate an international school taught solely through the medium of English. At that time the school was called Hsinchu International School - which is how we all think of it.

We offer a full international/American teaching system that is based on decades of experience along with a full understanding of the latest teaching methods and materials to provide the very best education for our children. We are a fully licensed, independent international school which has provided quality education for the children of foreign nationals living in the Hsinchu area for over four decades. Our purpose-built campus is designed to provide the best educational environment and resources for our students, offering comprehensive and continuous education for students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Our expectations for teachers and students are high. We set goals to be achieved through motivation, enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication. Academic excellence results from the combination of a well-coordinated, structured program, using well-researched, carefully selected materials implemented by experienced, motivated teachers who are excited about the whole process of educating and developing young minds. Creativity is stimulated both in the regular classes, and through our arts program. Our students continue to achieve awards and recognition in the creative and performance arts. Along with academic and creative progress, our aim is to develop such traditional values as integrity, honesty, self-reliance, adaptability, a sense of humour, and awareness of the needs of others in the local and wider world community.


1. 外國護照彩色影本

2. 前一年的成績單。

3. 申請表,有名額可以隨時申請,先面談再筆試。

4. 面試與筆試同天進行,由校長親自會見學生,鑑定學生英文程度。

How to Apply:

1. Color photocopy of foreign passport.

2. Transcripts from the previous year.

3. Application form, to be followed by a first interview and then a written test.

4. The interview will be held on the same day as the written test. The principal will personally meet with the students to assess their English proficiency.

2018 Hsinchu International School
30091, Hsinchu City, 290 Niu Pu East Road (牛埔東路290號)
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