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Grace Christian Academy





About Grace Christian Academy

GCA provides education for grades 1 to 12, with a minimum age for admittance of 6 years old. Class sizes are small, with a total of 30 teachers and 150 students in the school. The main proportion of the student body is composed of senior students. The teachers come from the United States, Canada, France, and Germany. Classes are taught in English and senior students have the option to choose to take courses in another foreign language, such as Chinese, French, or German. Since GCA is a faith-based school, it requires that students attend daily Bible study classes. However, it does not require students to be Christians. Because of the small class system, the teachers are able take care of the children more comprehensively. The atmosphere of the school is thus warm and family-centered.

"Be kind to others and love to learn!"

GCA places compassion and commitment to learning at the center of its educational philosophy. The teachers and principals strive to understand the needs of each child and to help students reach their full learning potential. The curriculum is synchronized with the American school curriculum, and the school is under the supervision of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).




1. 成績單前三年成績(英文版)

2. 申請表格

3. 身分證影本(如果有的話)

4. 寶寶手冊疫苗施打紀錄

How to apply to GCA:

The school mainly enrolls students by interview. The principal will use the student's transcripts and the interview process to identify the student's level. If necessary, a written test will be used to confirm the student's level. Students below grade 9 do not require English proficiency, but students at and above grade 10 must be proficient. Students can apply for admission at any time, and there is no requirement to complete a full semester. The child must have a foreign passport.

The application requirements include the following:

1. A color photocopy of the foreign passport.

2. Transcripts for the previous three years (in English).

3. A completed application form.

4. A copy of the ID card (if applicable).

5. Infant vaccination records.

Middle School Hike
No. 67 Dong Sing Street Nan Kang District, 115 (115南康區東星街67號)
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