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Children 幼童

For lower school students, our classes give a foundation in phonics, basic vocabulary, and elementary grammar. Students will get an introduction to the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Classes for young learners are fun and engaging lessons, and teach  English habits that will last a lifetime.​

At the lowest levels, students learn phonics and the English alphabet to prepare them to read and write in English, and from there, they proceed to basic elements of vocabulary and grammar. At this age, language learning can often proceed very quickly, and a student can acquire the basics of a new language through exposure.

In all our classes, we emphasize up-to-date teaching strategies and use technology in all our classes. Classes for the youngest students will feature interactive multimedia activities that practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in an authentic and entertaining way.

We can teach your child:

  • Phonics and the Alphabet

  • Penmanship and Letter Writing

  • Basic Vocabulary and Elementary Grammar

  • Conversational English

  • Writing Skills





  • 語音學及字母

  • 字母書寫

  • 基礎單字及小學文法

  • 英語對話

  • 寫作技巧

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