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Taipei European School 台北歐洲學校

Taipei European School (TES) is another of Taiwan's finest international schools, and specializes in serving the children of European citizens or any students with a particular interest in Europe or European languages. 
TES offers a different kind of experience compared to TAS, especially with its focus on European languages and its IGCSE curriculum. TeachME's tutors have many years of experience instructing students in IGCSE classes and preparing them for the rigorous end-of-year tests.
Admission to TES
TeachME can help advise any student on passing the interview and assessment process for admission to TES and successfully help them secure a place at TES.
The International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) system is a British-made curriculum used in international schools all over the world. It is respected as some of the highest-quality secondary material worldwide. TeachME's English and subject tutors all have experience with the IGCSE system and method and can help students achieve high marks on the end of year exams, which will be key if a student aspires to attend university in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in Europe.
French and German sections
TeachME's language tutors are all native speakers of the languages they teach in and can help students advance their French or German skills and join TES' immersive French and German sections, where these languages are taught as first languages to a mixed group of native and second-language speakers. Admission to the French and German sections does not require that a student have prior experience with that language.
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