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Taipei American School 台北美國學校

Because of TeachME's many years of experience and our strong reputation with parents, we’re proud to tutor many students who go to Taipei American School, and many students from other local or international schools who are seeking admission to TAS.


Taipei American School has earned a reputation as one of the top international schools in Asia because of its high-quality programs and the extremely high percentage of graduates who go on to attend four-year colleges in the United States.


Admission to TAS


Admission to TAS is decided based on a combination of test scores and an interview process. TeachME knows how this process works in detail and we've successfully helped many of our current and former students practice the skills they need to perform well on the test and interview.




TeachME has years of experience working with students in the early grades of TAS to help them get out of the EAL program. Every EAL student should:

  • Be provided with an environment they can feel they belong in, while learning to take risks with language

  • Be challenged to achieve their best

  • Develop learning strategies, understand and monitor their own progress, and learn to accept errors as a natural part of the language-learning process.

  • Make a smooth transition between school years while developing academic English skills.


Both during the school year and in between each year, students can get the support they need to progress out of EAL and into TAS’s mainstream curriculum. TeachME specializes in this kind of instruction and has a long history of successfully helping students move out of EAL.


For more information about the EAL program, visit TAS’s page or come in to talk to one of TeachME's many tutors about what’s best for your student.


Math, Science and History at TAS


TeachME is extremely familiar with helping students get high grades in their subject classes at TAS. All of TeachME's math, science, and history classes are taught in English. TeachME's tutors know the TAS curriculum very well and already tutor many students from TAS. Getting subject help in English emphasizes using English skills in a variety of ways and makes sure that a student’s language skill is constantly developed. It’s a great way to prepare for an English-only curriculum, or support a student who’s already learning in English at school.


Summer Programs at TAS


Each summer, TAS runs some intensive summer programs, to help students who are struggling with their classes and give high achievers the chance to keep working during the summer and get ahead of their class.









  • 有歸屬感的環境及願意接受學習語言的挑戰。

  • 挑戰自己的極限。

  • 發展學習技巧、了解並監督自己的自我成長及學習如何接受錯誤是語言學習過程裡很自然的一部份。

  • 順利的銜接至各個年級並發展學科英語能力。


想要知道更多關於EAL計畫的資訊,請參考TAS’s page或直接向我們詢問對學生最好的方針。





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