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Summer Programs

Put Theory Into Practice: Create, Build, and Explore

Do you want your child to build robots? Are you looking for a fun, inspiring, and educational way for your child to spend their summer? Look no further than TutorME's Summer Camp Courses! We have a wide variety of unique and exciting lessons ranging from movie making to solar robots. Each lesson includes 2 hours of class time, so pick and choose the topics that most interest you to build your ideal summer curriculum! We have divided our lessons into three age levels, but if your English is not advanced enough, we may require you to choose from one of the lower levels. So look through the courses below, and let's get your summer fun going!



Aimed at our youngest learners (ages 5-7), our LEVEL 1 classes will focus on fun learning with many hands-on projects that build a variety of skills. From problem solving, fine motor skills, and science, to writing, puppets, and creativity, we have something for all young learners. At the end of each day, your child will have made new and exciting discoveries, and will bring home a new project that they can be proud of.



Aimed at students aged 8-9, our LEVEL 2 series will explore our world from all angles, from fossils and ancient dinosaurs to space and the technology of the future. Choose craft projects to practice creativity and curiosity, technology-focused projects, weather stations, rockets, magnets, and much more! Expect your child to come home everyday excited about the wonders of our world!



In our LEVEL 3 classes (ages 10+), our students can learn about a wide variety of topics in the sciences and humanities. Geology, Electricity, Robots, Movie Making, Creative Writing, Solar Energy, and much more appears in this series that explores everything from fossils in rocks to stars in the sky! Your student will be excited to learn, and will return home every day with projects to show off and knowledge to share. You might even be asked to join in with some projects at home!


Follow the link below for a list of courses and pricing.



































Class Format: Each lesson is designed to be two hours long, over one or two sessions. Each lesson is designed to be one-on- one. If you have a few students who all want to take the same classes, a small group option will be considered on a case by case basis. Many of the lessons have a Kit Price listed. This is only the cost of the materials for the class and does NOT include the tuition fee. Lastly, your students English will be need to be of an appropriate level before taking a lesson beyond level 1. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information. Thank you!

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