Get Ready for the SAT with TeachME

What is the SAT?

SAT scores is one of the fundamental components of college applications as well as one of the main contributing factors to college admission decisions. The test is designed to enable the College Board to evaluate your ability to apply the knowledge you learned in school by testing your critical thinking and judgment skills to gauge your scholastic aptitude.  

The SAT has five sections:

  • Reading

  • Writing and language

  • Math (calculator)

  • Math (non-calculator)

  • Essay (optional)


Having a great SAT score is certainly an advantage when applying to your dream college - especially if it is a high ranking, internationally acclaimed institution.  

At TeachME, our experienced tutors formulate personalized SAT prep courses that are designed to help you boost your test scores.

How we prepare you at TeachME 

1-on-1 Tutoring

  • Our SAT tutors are not only experts in their field of study.


  • At TeachMe, our tutors cover all sections and subjects concerning the SAT tests.


  • Because our lessons are one-on-one, you will be working with one tutor to fulfill your needs.

Tailored Sessions

  • Before starting your program at TeachME, we have an initial meeting in which you will sit a test. This enables us to gauge your current level of abilities and weaknesses in order to match you with the best suited tutor. 


  • Once you enroll onto our SAT prep program, we then tailor each session to your needs.


  • We then create a strategy for you to make steady progress until you feel ready to take the test. 

Improving your Score

Many top universities look for students whose scores range between 1410 and 1600 - with 1600 being the maximum score. At TeachME, To improve your overall test score, our tutors incorporate previous test questions to allow you to practice taking the tests while working on specific sections. By using these methods, our students go on to achieve better scores. 


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