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Intermediate Robotics (Ages 9-16)

Put your robotics and programming knowledge to use with LEGO Robotics kits! One kit allows you to build 5 different robots, each with unique cool looks, sensors, and functions. The sturdy, student-friendly pieces snap together with no extra tools. Build a tracker that automatically avoids obstacles, a scary snake robot that bites at you, or take command yourself with an infrared controller. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Click the button below to see some examples of what this awesome system can do!






Advanced Robotics (Ages 12+)

The last installment in our Robotics & AI program, VEX robots are designed for advanced students who are ready for bigger challenges. If we want our students to become the problem solving heroes of tomorrow, we must offer new ways for them to build their skills. VEX offers students a rich and exciting platform to immerse themselves in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through the fun of building robots.  Click the button below to see a robot built for a robotics competition!









For details about any of our programs, please contact TeachME directly via email or phone. Thank you!


Robotics & AI Courses

Is your child ready for the challenges of robotics and programming? TeachME's robotics and programming courses is the answer! This multi-year program will take a beginner from the very basics all the way to competition-level robotics. Master the concepts of electrical circuits, mechanical advantage, structural integrity, and power. Study how gears and motors work together to create movement. Learn to program and create new tasks and behaviors for your robots. Finally, go beyond most students to design your own machines and master the world of robotics!





Primary Robotics (Ages 6-14)

Introduce your student to the basics of robotics. Learn about electricity and mechanics! Build robots piece-by-piece! These individual robot kits will give your young learner the foundation for an exciting and stimulating career in robotics! Click the button below to watch a build video for just one of these amazing robot kits!

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