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Minecraft Modding

Students will learn introductory programming concepts such as, looping, functions, modularity, variables, conditionals, and general procedural programming.

Who is it for?

  • Are you 10-18 years old?

  • Do you like playing Minecraft?

  • Do you have any interest in learning Javascript? 

  • Do you want to make your own Minecraft mods?

Take Minecraft, and add whatever you want.


TeachME's Minecraft Modding class uses Javascript as the primary programming language. Javascript is one of the biggest programming languages in industry right now, and it is a great first language for students or an extra language for more experienced students. Students learn the basic programming concepts, and more advanced features depending on their skill level.

Software Design

We emphasize good planning skills as Minecraft mods can become quite complex as the student progresses, and without a good plan, you will consistently have poorly coded mods riddled with bugs. So we will focus a lot of time on proper software design strategies and how to plan out a piece of software.

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