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Math Skills and Remediation 數學能力及輔導

Nothing is more frustrating than falling behind in mathematics. The farther behind you get, the more your problems compound. TeachME's math students are constantly finding success where previously there was only frustration and confusion. We focus on building a strong foundation of core mathematical concepts so that TeachME's students can advance to more difficult topics with ease. From basic arithmetic and algebra to trigonometry and calculus, TeachME's tutors will help you gain a deep conceptual and practical understanding of the material. Because TeachME's classes are all one-on-one, TeachME tailors our lessons to target your specific problem areas. This ensures no time is wasted and your improvement comes as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking for test preparation, better grades, or just improved comprehension, TeachME can help you achieve your mathematical goals. 
TeachME offer expert service in:
  • Basic and Complex Arithmetic
  • Geometry and Trigonometry 
  • Pre-Algebra, Integrated Algebra, and Algebra I and II
  • Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, and Multivariable Calculus
  • SAT, ACT, GRE, and ISEE Math
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, Set Theory


  • 基礎及複雜算數
  • 幾何及三角學

  • 初級代數、綜合代數及代數(一)、(二)

  • 初級微積分、微積分先修及多元微積分

  • 美國高中入學考試、美國研究生入學考試及私立學校入學考試

  • 統計及機率

  • 應用數學

  • 數論、數值分析及集合論

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