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Foreign Languages 其他外國語言

Special Note -- Organic Language Support

TeachME has experience with giving support to students in Taipei American School's French and Spanish programs and Taipei European School’s French and German sections. TeachME's French and German tutors help to make sure the student is keeping up with the class and learning their language in a fluent, native way. TeachME recognizes that the specific demands of these types of classes require special attention, and TeachME makes sure to plan our classes so that they correspond with the way the student is acquiring and using the language. Schedule a consultation with TeachME today, and discuss the support that can help your child succeed!

French is spoken on every continent and is one of the most widely used languages in the world. From the cafe to the boardroom, French is a language of culture, art, literature, and business. TeachME's friendly French tutor is a native speaker with a DAEFL Certificate from the Alliance Française Ile-de-France and experience teaching children, teenagers, and adults. Ask about French classes today, and start your journey!


German has been the language of some of the world’s greatest composers, philosophers, and inventors. Today it’s the second most widely spoken language in Europe (behind English) and the native language of brands like Mercedes, Hugo Boss, and Red Bull. Whether you’re learning for business or pleasure, TeachME's native German tutor can teach any level from beginner to advanced, and set your language learning on the right path.


Spanish is hugely practical in the modern world, and learning it unlocks thousands of years of worldwide history and culture. The wide reach of Spanish in the United States makes it an easily accessible language for Americans or anyone planning on living in the US. This makes it the second most popular foreign language for TAS students (behind Mandarin Chinese). TeachME's fully native Spanish tutor will give you the confidence to chat or conduct business in one of the globe’s most important languages.

在世界五大洲皆可以看到講法語的人,換言之,法文為世界上最廣泛使用的語言之一。我們的法文教師為擁有自Alliance Française Ile-de-France所授與之DAEFL證書的法文母語者,並專精於教導孩童、青少年及成人。現在就來詢問法文課程並開始您的學習旅程吧!
德文為世界上許多偉大的作曲家、哲學家及發明家作使用。今日則為歐洲最廣為使用的語言(僅次於英文)且一些知名品牌,例如:Mercedes、Hugo Boss以及Red Bull皆為德文使用者所創立。我們的德文教師具有教導初學至高級程度的能力,不論您是為了工作或興趣而學習德文,我們都將引導您走向正確的語言學習之路。
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