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Prepare for the SSAT with TeachME

It is a common practice that most independent schools, usually in the U.S. or Canada, now require those applying to grades 3-11 to have taken the SSAT - a standardized entrance test used by admission officers to assess the cognitive and academic abilities of prospective students. The SSAT measures verbal, math and reading skills that are essential for successful performance  in independent schools. 

Elementary Level (Grades 3-4)

The Elementary Level Exam is given to students currently in 3rd and 4th grades applying to enter into 4th and 5th grades.

Upper Level (Grades 8-11)

The Upper Level Exam is given to students currently between 8th and 11th grades applying to enter into 9th grade through to PG (Post Graduate level)

Middle Level (Grades 5-7)

The Middle Level Exam is given to students currently between 5th and 7th grades applying to enter through into 6th and 8th grades.