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Business English 商用英文

Looking to use English for business? We can help you set foundations for professional success.


The modern global economy often demands a high level of English competence to succeed at a variety of jobs. Careers as different as customer service, marketing, or engineering all benefit from English skills, and these skills can be the difference between success and failure--or unlock your path to an important promotion.


Our tutors can give you the skills you’ll need to confidently engage in international business. Make phone calls to clients or suppliers, give presentations, and fully participate in meetings. We can also help with technical reading and writing skills, give classes targeted towards particular industries, and help with professional email writing.


All our classes benefit from our tailored approach. Because of our focus on 1-1 instruction, all our classes will be built to focus on the individual needs of each student, and we can adjust the class to focus on the skills and vocabulary you need to communicate in your own office.

Our previous students have included career professionals from a wide variety of fields, including information technology, manufacturing, commercial aviation, and customer service.

We can support you with:

  • Conversational English for Business

  • Oral Presentations

  • Email Writing

  • Technical Reading and Writing

  • Specific Vocabulary for different industries and careers







  • 商業口說英語

  • 口說簡報

  • 郵件寫作

  • 專門閱讀與寫作

  • 不同產業及職業的專門單字

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