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TeachME provides custom tutoring to suit your needs

At TeachME we understand that each student has a different way of learning and interacting which can sometimes get lost in a big class, and we are here to provide one on one classes that meet their needs. TeachME strives to make strong, positive relationships with our students and their families by offering unique, tailor-made classes to help every student succeed no matter what their learning difficulties are, showing genuine interest and care in their progress, and communicating regularly with their parents.

TeachME focuses is on providing exceptional education and unparalleled support for individuals. TeachME's curriculum is a dynamic blend of traditional, internationally rated textbooks and interactive online resources. TeachME also offers 4M kits for our classes because we believe that learning can be about discovery and innovation- we can help your child learn while building robots, creating a cookbook, or writing their own story.

Over the years TeachME has perfected our process for teaching which includes assessing a student's needs, formulating a plan with the parents, and keeping an open line of communication between the tutor and parents. Tutors are always available to discuss your child's classes, and every month they send out a written assessment of your child's progress.

Each of TeachME's teachers is a qualified specialist in the area they teach with years of experience and different teaching methods. TeachME carefully selects each tutor and match them to their students based on teaching style and personality to ensure students are taken care of and supported in the way that suits them best.

TeachME is proud to offer you a truly one of a kind education and experience.









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